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Why Should You Register Your Horse ?

Hello and Welcome Trail Riders,
Thank you for your interest in registering your horse with the
American Trail Horse Association, Inc. At this point, you are asking
“What is so special about this Association/ Registry?”

Let us help you with a short list of benefits:

  1. A registry with no breed rules. ( All breeds and ponies are welcome.)
  2. A registry with no color rules. ( All colors, patterns, solids, welcome. )
  3. A registry with no height restrictions. ( All sizes.)
  4. No past parentage or proof of breed required. ( You don’t have to know who or what your horse is.)
  5. Registry number for stolen horses. ( In case of a stolen horse, we keep records and pictures of your horse. No one can re-register your horse with out us signing it off. We match signatures, and keep all the records.)
  6. Registry tag. ( Clip to your bridle / halter in case your horse is lost. It has a 1-800 number and registry number for Quick ID in case he is lost on trail.)
  7. Give you’re horse a breed name other than “ Grade” or “Cross”. He’s / She’s a Registered Trail Horse. Be proud!
  8. Receive a beautiful certificate, worthy of framing for your horse. Keep it on the wall, or at the barn. Show all your friends that your horse is somebody special too!
  9. Sell your horse with papers !
  10. Be able to find your horses later in life. ( As long as the new owners keep transferring papers.)
  11. The foal of two registered horses registers for free! ( Limit one per year. )
  12. Reasonable registry fees. ( This is the best one! )
  13. The chance to promote an Association that bases its breed on performance, not just colors and types.
  14. Stamps of Excellence: As your trail horse excels in life, qualify for "Stamps of Excellence" on your registry papers. These include certain criteria that your trail horse must meet to receive its Stamp. Receive your Stamp from a ATHA state representative by sending a video to the association or at qualifying trail shows and outings. Currently there are 7 levels of excellence. Prove to everyone your horse is not just a trail horse, but one with the Stamp of Excellence in each category!

List for buyers:
Receive the above benefits, plus:
Certificate of ATHA Registration
Bridle Tag with your horse's unique Registration Number and Toll free Phone number

ATHA Freeze Branding Program
Special Member Discounts

Receive proof that your new trail horse is really an outstanding American Trail Horse and has our
"Stamp of Excellence"
In case of horse theft or lost, etc.… all pictures, files can be faxed to your local police department!
We have a Toll Free number for questions and Reporting lost or stolen ATHA horses
Website for checking on new club / registry promoting items!

All this for $ 35.00 !!!

Application Page


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