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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to ATHA!
We Continue to go Beyond Registry, with Optional Performance and Trail Mileage Programs for the Diehard Trail Enthusiast

Work your way through our 7 Levels Program. Support and Find your local State Trail Clubs and Trails! Earn your miles with our Trail Mileage Program. Get information on having your equine identified with a Freeze Brand.

ATHA Inc. is an association dedicated to promoting and improving the once overlooked / unrecognized equine breed of the great American Trail Horse. Through education, and registration, we prove that one of the greatest disciplines in the equine world today is Trail Riding. By giving identification to equines of known and unknown parentage, we are striving to protect them from theft as well as helping re-unite owners with their escaped, lost or stolen equines. By joining forces with today's trail rider programs around the country, we provide presence of the Trail breed/discipline, and help protect our trails.

Please browse our site and feel free to call us toll-free or email to find out more on how we can help You and your Horse.


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