Representative Information

So you have registered your horses, became a ATHA member and are
anxiously awaiting and practicing for your local
"Trail Horse Trials" or have sent your pictures/ video, to qualify your trail horse's level.

What now?


Have you considered becoming a Representative for ATHA?
Representatives are the foundation of an association. With Reps, ATHA can find and get local
information for the "Trail Horse Trials", as well as area horse fests, expo's and fairs. Having Reps
locally also promotes the association, as only Members involved in the Association know about the
association. Reps are equine people you know, or someone that lives in your town or state. They
can give you information about ATHA, answer your questions, put you in touch with the association,
and give you a general feel for what ATHA is trying to accomplish. Trail club leaders are great Reps.
They can qualify the whole club, as well as others out on trail. ATHA feels the best way to test is
by actually being out on trail.

Here's a list of ATHA's current Rep benefits:
Each referral that puts your name on the application or mentions it will give you a bonus. ATHA
provides you with a original of our Flyer and Brochure. You make the copies, and place your
name or even design a special sticker to place on the copies of the application. Leave them at local
equine parks, horse fests, 4H clubs, or other trail clubs in your area. Right now, as we are growing

the bonus is 10% of each application/ equine registered, you refer to ATHA. That can add up FAST!

To be a Rep, all you must do is register your horses and provide 3 personal trail/horse
references. Your references can be from your club president, trail boss, a trail buddy
or even your trainer. Other benefits ATHA provides its Reps include special “Rep Only”
shirts and accessories, pay backs for referrals, and payment for judging "Trail Horse Trials".

Not being a T7, at this moment, doesn't mean you can't be a Rep. You are not required to “clock hours”,
judge or have other special duties to be a ATHA Rep. All we ask is that you be a contact for
information about the association locally. And of course, we ask Reps to have a sheer desire
to acknowledge, and promote the American Trail Horse.

Right now we have people interested in and applying for Rep positions in most of the United States, and
even Canada. ATHA has no limit to the amount of Reps in each area.

The biggest benefit for being a Rep qualifies you to sign off completed levels of ATHA registered trail
horses in your area. This way owners don't have to attend trail shows or send pictures and video,
because you witness each horse in person.

More benefits are being stay tuned!


Find a Reps and Trails in Your Area