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Rules and Guidelines:

1. Hours or miles are accepted for mileage, and placed on the form.

2. Horses must be ATHA registered equines.

3. A donation of $25 is needed to participate. This helps ATHA, a non-profit association, cover the cost of the initial logo patch, keep a database of miles completed, and then the mile patches afterwards, at 50-100-200-300 etc.., plus mail them back to you. Also a portion of the proceeds will go to your local or national trail advocacy group, (as decided by atha), to help them preserve the trails in your area! Other trail mileage program incentivies or items will be listed as they come available.This is just the beginning of the program...

4. Your trail mileage is converted from hours to miles at a 1 to 2 ratio. 1 hour equals 2 miles. We work this at a walk pace. Patches will have miles completed on them, not hours.

5. Program runs from Jan.1st, 2003 to Dec. 31st, 2004.

6. Your Trail Miles membership number is your equine's registry number. This helps us keep the correct miles with the correct horse.

7. As always, all breeds, ages, and types are welcome in the program. Email us about our special 4H programs, for the smaller trail riders.

8. Use your program to establish awareness for all trail horses, but don't abuse the it. Everyone goes at their own rate, depending on weather, time availability, etc.. More miles doesn't mean you have a better horse, just that you have more time. But courteous of fellow trail riders and their feelings. ATHA recognizes outstanding trail horses of all levels, and never promotes competition between horses or riders.

9. Have fun, and Happy Trails....


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