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Think you own an Experienced Trail Horse?
Are you able to Prove it ?

Welcome to our Stamps of Excellence Page
There are no Requirments for Registering your Horse at the basic level !!

(Basic entry is perfect for the horse who is just starting out or needs to work through each level)
. Stamps of Excellence is an optional program.
Here we will inform you of our criteria for the American Trail Horse Association Stamp categories. After completion of each level, the registered trail horse will be issued an ATHA, Inc. imprinted Stamp of Excellence for the completed level. This stamp is placed on the back of your registry papers in the designated boxes. You must first register your equine, then work towards your levels. For most levels, pictures, show papers or video is accepted. For T7 stamps, a local representative of ATHA, Inc. will observe your riding and sign off as a witness to the completion of this level. You may also compete at ATHA, Inc. approved Trail Shows and Trail Rides, where winning or speed doesn't count, but how you negotiate the obstacles on trail does. Events will be held at local horse fests, fairs and forest preserves, depending upon ATHA, Inc. Representatives. You will receive a check list with your registration papers, to help your determine how far and fast you are moving along the stamp process. The checklist is also used for a local representative to sign off on your level completion.

Here are the Levels:

Most of these levels should be easily attainable by the more experienced trail horses, while others have something to advance towards in their future.

T1: Must halter, stand tied for 3 minutes, lead without yanking or pulling, and lift all 4 legs calmly.

T2: Must saddle and bridle quietly, groom and clip with no problems (actual clipping is not required), and cross tie or line tie.

T3: Must be started under saddle, must be able to change gaits on cue. Mount and dismount on both sides. Stand quietly for mounting.

T4: Started on obstacles, arena or trail. This includes water crossing, bridge crossing, log crossing. Standing still for passenger movements. (taking out noisy items, or rummaging through saddle bags noisily) Gate opening and closing while mounted. Load within two minutes, stand tied calmly in trailer for one minute, then unload from trailer within 2 minutes.

T5: All the above with no problems including thick brush, walking thru and stepping over a tarp, jumps, and a general sheer willingness to trust the rider. Your equine's willingness for trust and how they negotiate the obstacle is what is counted, not if they find an easy way out. There are no wrong answers to judging an obstacle. The Association only looks for trust, calmness and safety.

T6: Completes trail obstacles with calmness, sure-footedness, trust and safety for the rider. Takes knowledge and know how to the trail. Your test will be out on trail by a local representative or local approved Trail Club Ride. (contact atha for approval prior to other national trail rides)

T7: This is the advanced obstacle course. Designed for experienced horse and rider, with obstacles constructed by local trail clubs. This course will include almost everything you find on trail, including some scary, surprise trail stunts. (Deer, plastic bags blowing, strange noises, hunters in camouflage, etc..) If no show is planned for your area (determined by members in that area), then a National, commercial, endurance, or trail class may be used. (contact atha for approval prior to "ride")

That will put 7 quality assurance stamps on the back your registration card for an Experienced Registered American Trail Horse that has proven its ability to the Association in full. We ask those who have their card filled to help others fill theirs, by becoming local representatives. We encourage Trail Horse Clubs to register as representatives also, as they have the ability to qualify horses while out on trail. Please consider this great honor, and volunteer to help one of the fastest growing Associations in the equine world today...the American Trail Horse Association, Inc.


As an added bonus....

All horse clubs that volunteer for local reps receive discounts on registering their horses in the club. (Must be done as a group.)

All T7's are asked to judge the local Trail Horse Trials, and receive a special ATHA, Inc. judging gift.

You may chose to do most of these by pictures or video. There’s a $5.00 charge for each upgrade stamp. If you don't have a local rep yet, you can chose to attend a ATHA “Trail Trials” to have a judge witness you thru many levels. If you are testing for T7, then you are charged $75, which includes testing on the advance trail course, T7 graduate stamp, and a special T7 gift from the Association. If you test for T-7 at another show, ATHA only charges $50, so you have $25 towards the other shows fees. Please contact ATHA will any questions.

We have put out the challenges, now ATHA, Inc. asks you and your Trail Horse....Are you able to meet them?



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