What Does Our Future Hold ?

Our Future plans are developing and changing constantly.
New members bring new ideas...and we welcome all ideas.
Each day our staff, members, and Reps come up with great ways to acknowledge
Trail Horses everywhere.

Current available items include:
Message Forumget advice/information from other trail riders, meet members and reps
Web-Ring and Site-Ring member– find other trail horse related web sites
Email list for Local Reps-find a local rep in YOUR area
Email Newsa Yahoo email feature, bringing you news and updates for ATHA
Trails listed by Local Reps-find out which to try and which to forget
Online Instant applications-print them out, send them in
Horse Fest booths and demos-talk one on one with ATHA Staff at most Fests and Expos
Approved trail rideshave a Rep attend, and get everyone qualified, or attend one yourself
Rep Programbecome a Rep and receive ATHA Rep benefits, including referral bonuses
In the Spotlighteach month we “Salute” a Trail Horse in our Association- yours may be next !
ATHA Merchandiseget your favorite association wearables at our online store
24 hour email customer service-email one of our Reps 24-7, call toll-free during business hours
Halter/bridle taghelping to recover missing horses fast! Info can be sent, emailed, or faxed at anytime, everywhere.
Freeze Brand Iron Loan Program- for a deposit, ATHA will send its Association brand to your vet or brander for your use.

Also, ATHA is a member of Stolen Horse International's Net Posse.

Projects currently in progress:
Online searchable Databasefind out more about a registered trail horse
Stud Booktop trail horse stallions, proven to ATHA Reps!
Searchable Stud Section for Breeders find a Trail Horse Stallion, proven in his Trail ability
Classifieds find Trail Horses for sale, as well as prospects
Online knowledge center for Trail Riding and Horse careall your equine info in one place
Trail Mileage Programkeep track of your trail miles to earn rewards and ribbons

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the future will hold for us.
If you would like to see some ideas of yours come true or are interested in becoming a Sponsor for ATHA INC.,
please contact us and let's work together to make everyone's future Bright.