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In order to assist you in your application here is a step by step process:

Step1) Choose from 2 types of registration below on this page in Red (Horse registration or Personal Association membership)
Step 2) Completely Fill out the appropriate application form (You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these Files)

Step 3) Take 3 Clear photos of your Horse (Front , Both sides)
Step 4) Take additional photos or Video to qualify for T1 - T5 Level if Desired (See Stamps of Excellence Page)

Step 5) Make sure you have everthing completed on the application form (Special markings drawn in, Stamp level desired, names, dates etc..)
Step 6) Email or Regular mail your photos/video and application
to us along with payment. (Click here for our address info)



ATHA Equine Registry
$35.00 Non-Member / $25.00 Association Member
  1. Unique Registration Number and Entry into Our Database system
  2. Official Certificate from ATHA with picture of your Horse and Registration Number
  3. Bridle Tag with our toll-free number and your horse's Registration Number - Multiple Copies Available
  4. Peace of Mind knowing your horses are registered ATHA
  5. 1 year Association Membership included
    This is what most people choose. Your equine is registered for life for this one time fee and YOU get a membership for one year which entitles you to register more of YOUR horses at the Association Rate of $25.00 per horse.

Click Here For a Horse Registration Form
Pay for your registry via Paypal/Credit card above.



Annual ATHA Membership
$20.00 new / $10.00 Renewal

  1. Membership Privileges and Discounts for 1 Year
  2. Special Discounts on our Registration Services
  3. Eligible for Special Member Awards from our Sponsors
  4. Assistance in tracking your Stolen and Past ATHA Registered Horses
  5. Qualify for the "Trail Mileage" Program
    This Application is for someone who wants to join our Association but does not want to register Horses right now or for Someone who is Renewing their yearly Association membership. Once your Horse is registered with the Above Registry Form there are no other fee's ever to keep Him / Her registered.

Click Here For a Association Membership Form
Pay for your renewal via Paypal below.



Stud Book
$20.00 for ATHA Registered

Entry into the the Stud Book Registry Database

Stud Listing with description, contact info, and fee listed on our site in Stud area
This is in addition to the regular registry Fee.

Click Here For a Studbook Membership Form



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