Who Are We ??

The purpose of ATHA, Inc. is to give our trusted and beloved Trail Companions the chance to become recognized in the Horse Community. Since most equines are of cross or part breed, while others have pasts that are unknown, ATHA, Inc. is committed to acknowledging true trail horses of all breeds full or cross. For already registered equines of other breeds, we provide a Sport/Performance registry to prove the trail equine's ability. We are striving to assure owners that their equine's future is bright, they they are not "Just Trail Horses"..
All equines deserve to be recognized and registered

ATHA Inc. recognizes a true equine trail companion can not be determined by its parentage, breed or bloodline, but by trustful, safe, and steady determination to excel in every situation.

"We Know No Boundaries"
What does this stand for ?
Our Motto actually it has a double meaning in this Association.

  1. 1) No discrimination in breed, color, pattern, or size.

    2) and the way an American Trail Horse
    can not be stopped by water, fallen logs, and other trailriding obstacles.
  2. Our Goal :
  3. ATHA is Dedicated to the Registration, Education, Identification, Certification and Acknowledgment of the American Trail Horse, regardless of color, breed, size or bloodlines....

Trail horses are bred by Riders for their calmness, sure- foot, and level head on the trail especially in dangerous and even scary situations. Our Association is dedicated to preserving this, and with our state of the art computing systems, your equine will be recognized for a lifetime. We are currently capable of storing information for 2 billion horses. Our Database system and files are backed up everyday for safe keeping and reassurance that your data will never be lost or corrupted.

If you are looking for an Association and Registry that cares about your horses - Look no further
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